What are the Benefits of Solid Plastering?

What are the Benefits of Solid Plastering

Embarking on a large plastering project can be a daunting thought. Which plastering company should you talk to? What’s the best way to approach your project? A good plastering company will be able to offer you free advice to ensure your work is completed to the highest possible standard.

From time to time, a plastering expert may recommend that solid plastering is your best way to go. Before the invention of plasterboard, solid plastering was the only plastering technique available. Many older houses have solid plastering and it’s one tradition that is so effective, we still use it today.

Solid plastering describes a technique that covers an entire wall in solid plaster, with no plasterboard underneath the skim coat. It’s a professional form of plastering and ensures products are completely sealed, levelled and are weatherproof. There are many benefits of opting for this older plastering technique.

Sound-proofing and acoustic benefits

Plaster walls can offer a good sound barrier thanks to their thickness. Rooms with solid plastering are sound-reflective. They accommodate a clearer sound and are a better block, so that sound doesn’t pass into nearby rooms as easily.


Moisture builds up on walls and leads to unsightly – and sometimes unsafe – mould development. Solid plaster isn’t susceptible to mould and moisture damage. Speaking aesthetically, this keeps your walls looking clean and fresh for years to come.


You want to keep your family as safe as possible. Opting for solid plaster is a way to safeguard your home from fire damage. You can be sure you are in compliance with fire safety guidelines in your area or apartment building.


Streamlined look

Solid plastering is an often-used method for clients that want to create smooth wall surfaces. It’s one of the best rendering techniques that can give the home a beautiful, modern look. Want smooth joins and straight angles? A good solid plasterer can achieve this.

The level surface is the ideal base for the application of any paint or texture. This gives you the opportunity to get creative with your decorating style.

Long-lasting results

Solid plastering is one of the best options for homeowners. You want your wall to look good for many years, so you don’t have to fork out for regular repairs in the future. Other options are far less durable and are prone to dents, scratches and general wear and tear. Solid plastering, on the other hand, will persevere far into the future.

Consult a professional plastering company to get all of your solid plastering work done. Coburg Plasterers can offer you a no-obligation free quote on all your general plastering needs. Our experts can advise about the optimum method and deliver your job to complete customer satisfaction.

Renovate and refresh your home with the safer, more attractive alternative. Contact us today and find out how solid plastering could be your perfect solution.

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