Plaster Ceiling

A ceiling can transform the look of an entire room. It adds character, beauty and uniqueness to any place. Since the ancient times, people have used ceilings as a form of expression and decoration. Colour, patterns and structural elements have always been a way to add style to the overhead aesthetics of a room.

Cracks and holes can make a ceiling look retired and scruffy. It affects the look of a whole room and can create a bad impression. We can bring your ceiling back to its best, and we’re available for a range of purposes. Don’t worry if your job seems too small or too big, our experts are on-hand to deliver superior results. Ceilings are our specialty, so you can be sure of high quality every time.

Maybe you need to update the ceilings in your home or workplace, or want to design something completely new and outstanding. We can work with you on any project. Our designers and plasterers are equipped to complete jobs such as cornices, ceiling roses, panels and more. Just get in touch and we can talk about our full range of options for your brand new ceiling.

Create a Ceiling to Suit your Style

You decorate your walls, so why not your ceiling? There are an almost unlimited range of options available to you, so you can be sure of a unique ceiling at a superior quality. Our experts can offer free advice, so you know about all of the materials and styles you can choose from. Our honest advice comes with top customer service, every time.

Our extensive product ranges cater to all tastes and purposes. We use high quality products that can ensure your ceiling work will last for the long-term. We can accommodate your project, whether you need simple and minimalistic designs to fit with the modern day, or more intricate and traditional designs.

Some traditions never go out of style. Ceiling roses have been used to adorn beautiful ceilings since Georgian times. If you need a decorative plaster element to go around a light fitting, we’d love to talk about our ceiling rose services. We can use a previous mould or we can work with you to design something completely new.

Tell us about your style, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. We can talk you through our materials and come up with a ceiling design to perfectly meet your expectations.

Get in Touch to Talk Ceilings

If you’d like a quick quote, fill out our online enquiry form and an advisor will get back to you. Otherwise, talk to us on the phone by calling  0423 413 361. We can offer free, honest advice to give you complete confidence for your next plaster ceiling project in Melbourne.