Melbourne’s Leading Commercial Plasterers

Ensuring your commercial building looks professional and modern is important for any business. An element that can make a building seem run down and outdated is the ceilings and walls. For mature buildings, having walls and ceilings with holes or stains creates an uninviting environment and impacts a business considerably.

The best solution is refurbishment but doing it yourself could cause more damage than good.
Installing plaster and ceilings is a task that should be left to the professionals. Coburg Plasterers are the leading commercial plasterers in Melbourne, providing our services to a number of businesses throughout our years of operation.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Commercial Services

Refurbishment projects are just one aspect of our services, we also plaster commercial buildings that are in the construction process. Our team are specialists in plastering from installation to repairs, ensuring that you receive the most professional plaster and ceiling finish.

Offices & Medical Centres

In the past, we have serviced a variety of businesses throughout Melbourne including big and small projects. Within the suburbs of Coburg, Preston, Brunswick and throughout Melbourne we have completed plaster and ceiling jobs on small businesses such as offices and medical centres. In these smaller businesses, it is more likely that simple plaster or small plaster repairs need to be made to the ceiling or walls. Our trained professionals are able to provide expert commercial plastering services to ensure your small business gets the application it needs.

With bigger commercial businesses, it is likely that more complex plastering is needed. For these further complex tasks, we have a range of services that we specialise in to make your business stand out from competitors and look professional.


For commercial sites such as restaurants, solid plastering, otherwise known as rendering as a service we can provide. The complex task requires different materials that set’s differently to plasterboard and paint. It creates a texture to the wall, providing an acknowledgeable difference in the design and environment of a building. Businesses and restaurants in the suburbs of Brunswick have hired our plasterers to create recognisable and desirable locations.


Hospitals are vital to Melbourne’s infrastructure, health and future. We at Coburg Plasterers help build the structures that change people’s lives. Hospitals are commonly in need of partition walls as well as strongly structured plaster walls. If you hire a commercial plasterer who has professional experience like us at Coburg Plasterers, the service will be fast, efficient and of high quality.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres and retail stores commonly are in need of suspended ceilings, a task that our skilled plastering experts are able to perform. Our employees’ commercial plastering experience has enabled them to perform our services to the highest quality and ensure all regulations for safety are met.

Having worked in commercial plastering in Melbourne for a number of years, our team has high OH&S standards and training. This guarantees that your job will be completed with the utmost care and quality. There are no risks if you hire Coburg Plasterers as we have proven to businesses within Thornbury, Brunswick and Coburg North that our team are experts


Contact us today for an assessment of your building and an accurate on the spot quote. We are specialists in commercial plastering, so do not wait to call us and get your quote today.