Coburg Plasterers are equipped to take on whatever plastering job you need. Our highly-trained, highly-skilled team has the expertise to ensure you’ll get complete satisfaction when you choose us. If you have a commercial plastering project to undertake, or you need a qualified plasterer for domestic purposes, call us today.

You can get in touch by calling  0423 413 361 and a member of our team would love to hear about the plastering services you require. We can draw you up a free quote, tailored specifically around the job at hand, and then our friendly, expert plasterers can come out and get the job done! We guarantee professionalism in all our work, so you’re satisfied every time.

commercial plastering services Melbourne

Plaster Ceiling

The ceiling is a focal point of a room. If it’s cracked or sub-standard, it affects the feel of the entire room. That’s why more and more people are turning to professional plastering companies to bring their ceilings back to life. For all buildings, from regal and sophisticated, to offices and the home, we can create the perfect plaster ceiling.

We can offer a range of materials and styles to suit your needs. You get to choose exactly how you envision your ceiling. No matter how simple or decorative, we’ve got the right people for the job.

Let us know all about your plaster ceiling requirements. We’re equipped to handle jobs of all sizes and we can tailor a quote around your specific needs. Let us transform your building with a new ceiling.

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commercial plastering services Melbourne

Plaster Repairs In Melbourne

We understand how irritating it can be when you need a repair job. Many people feel like hiring a professional plasterer to fix a small hole or scuff would be too much hassle. It’s not when you call Coburg Plasterers! We know you want perfection in your work, and we can offer plaster repair services for the smallest job, up to the biggest.

Tell us about your plaster repair job in Melbourne. We will get back to you with a fast quote. We can promise a fair price, high quality materials and a perfect finish.

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commercial plastering services Melbourne

Other Services

At Coburg Plasterers, we have the skills to deal with a range of plastering needs! Just to name a few, here are some other services we can offer our customers:

  • Residential or domestic plastering jobs
  • Commercial plastering services
  • Renovations and restorations
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